Roid rage is the term given to someone who takes steroids and expresses often violent outbursts. Some people contribute the symptoms of aggressive behavior and mood swings with the consuming of steroids. Taking large doses of steroids may impact someone’s ability to handle stress effectively and make rational choices. There are many ways to tell if taking these hormone pills are creating unwanted side effects.

Some people can take this drug and not see any effects. Both men and women take this drug daily to help build up muscle and create huge muscles all over the body. When a person takes the drug and does not experience any side effects it could be based on a few reasons. They may not be taking the highest amount and may not have been on it for a long time. Even if a user has been taking the drugs for a long period of time, they may not have enough natural testosterone to create such a large amount in the body.

Steroids contain testosterone which are used to bulk people up. When a person works out at the gym and takes testosterone in the form of a pill, it can create large muscle mass and a leaner body. Many body builders and workout champions take the drug to help and support the overall look of their body.

If a person takes a large does of the pill and already has high testosterone in their body, then they could set themselves up for unexpected rages. Some of the symptoms could include; being irritable, getting mad easily and making a small problem into something much bigger.

Often family and friends notice the difference first. They may notice that small issues have the person acting in fits of rage. They may also notice that in most cases, people would not respond the way that they did to a crisis or situation. Over the top outbursts could tell loved ones that something is wrong. In some cases addressing the issue with the person can make things worse. Loved ones may see that the person is having conflicts with their workplace, family and friends. When the person realizes that their anger is effecting everything around them, they may seek help on their own.

On top of random outbursts, a person with a rage issue may just feel irritable. They may not find things fun anymore or be able to see happiness in the things around them. As they go about their daily routine, they can be set off easily because of their irritable mood swings.

The effects of the drug may also include mood swings that could be up and down. A person may find that one minute they are the life of the party and having a great time, and then the next minute they are yelling and screaming at a loved one for something small. The frequent mood changes may have loved ones worried and friends backing away.

Myths may exist with people who use steroids and the presence of anger. One misconception is that everyone who takes the drug will develop anger issues. While some people do experience violent rages, others do not. Some people take the drug and do not notice a change in their moods at all. Another myth may be that anger cannot be changed unless the drug is reduced. While some people will make the effort to make corrections to the drug amount, others will simply learn coping strategies to better manage their need for conflict.

The effects of poor anger management could take place at home, at work and through family and friends. A person may find that they are picking fights with many people around them. Home life may become stressful as fights and arguments take place daily. When a person realizes that everyone around them is engaging in arguments with them, they may wonder if it is in fact them that is the issue. Some people have never used their hands to show aggression and may have started using them after the taking of steroids.

There are somethings that people can do to control their anger. Adjusting the drug to better suit the levels of testosterone in the body and to regulate mood swings may help. Learning proper coping strategies to deal with anger management may also assist someone with outbursts. There are different ways of thinking to help and control someone’s violet and angry outbursts. Someone may take an anger management class or read book on how to stay calm and away from any angry feelings. Roid rage can be prevented and helped, when a person is able to recognize the symptoms and seek help for them.