Everyone has heard about Roids Rage. It is a condition that occurs when a person uses large quantities of anabolic steroids, usually over a long period of time. It creates extreme anger and rage. There have been many cases in which a person has been very badly injured or even killed due to another having this problem. However on that same note using this condition as a defense when a crime like that is committed is not accepted in the court of law. While there have been many reports of violent beatings as well as deaths caused by a person using this drug and it has been banned from use in sports, the drug continues to find its way into the hands of those who want it.

Studies have shown that those using anabolic steroids who tend to suffer from this extreme outbursts of rage tend to have that predisposition in the first place. Therefore, the use of these drugs creates an atmosphere that increases the feelings of anger and rage. Because it also increases testosterone levels, there is additional strength behind the outbursts.

This is a very dangerous drug not only because of the increase in violent tendencies for people who use it but simply because it creates an unnatural level of testosterone in the body which allows for increased muscle mass. This can lead to many health problems while using the medication as well as after stopping the use. Use of this product has been banned in many professional sports for many years for other reasons as well such as an unfair advantage of increased muscle mass and strength for those using the product.

These drugs are also banned in high school and college level sports due to the problems that they are known to cause. However some athletes choose to use the medications anyway. In sports were random drug testing is happening, many of these will be caught and usually are suspended or removed from the team altogether. There are several studies that have been conducted linking the use of this type of medication to these outbreaks of rage and anger.

However these studies are also indicative of not having the ability to turn an ordinary person into the monster as portrayed by many groups against the use of this drug. Rather those who have suffered this type of reaction to the drug have already displayed a tendency towards violent behavior. These drugs are known to increase the risk of these problems during use as well as after use.

In addition there are cases where the users tend to fall into a deep depression as the drug wears off as well. It is believed that long term use leads to the body’s inability to compensate for emotions after the drugs wear off. Like many drugs, as a person continues to use them they will need to increase the dose to continue getting the desired effect. Eventually there is a level where the body will begin to shut down and many times death will occur. In addition people who suffer from heart conditions find that this drug causes further problems with the condition as well.

Roids rage is a big news topic. However it has been known for many years that the use of anabolic steroids can lead to this type of behavior. It only recently has been found that the behaviors exhibited usually only occur in those who have a past history of violent behavior and outbreaks. Sometimes the rage is caused while the drug is in full effect. Other times it begins to happen as the drug wears off and the person cannot understand the let down feeling they are going through which leads to them striking out at whomever or whatever may be near them at the time.

It is also important to understand that while many news reports and cases that are viewed by the public are mainly men who have gone into a outburst and caused injury or death, women too can suffer the effects of this drug. Female body builders are known to sometimes use this type of drug to improve their muscle development. Women are genetically made up to not form as large of muscles as men. As a result women are known to use this type of supplement to increase muscle mass all over their bodies. As a result, women who are also prone to outrage and violent behavior are at risk of having the same type of problems while using the drug.